Markus Lehner first became involved in Ferrari Challenge in 2002 and it came about purely by chance. ‘My Monaco dealer arranged a factory visit to Maranello and we were invited to drive our own Ferraris on the Fiorano track. Apparently I drove very fast and it was immediately suggested that I consider taking part in the Challenge. Initially I declined, but my local dealer suggested they would assemble a team representing Monaco, with me as a driver, so I thought I would give it a try’ he says.


He received the official FIA racing licence for the Ferrari Challenge that same year. After just a few races, Markus Lehner with his team Monaco Motors had surprised everyone with his driving abilities and was fighting for the top finishing positions. ‘I know I can not become a Schumacher, but I want to win’ Lehner explains. He was elected Rookie of the Year that year too, after finishing 12th out of 36 drivers in the first season. Markus Lehner is also a passionate Ferrari driver in his private life and tries to fit this hobby round his tight schedule as an investor. ‘The difference between the racing cars and the road versions is far greater than between a Golf GTI and a normal Ferrari’, he adds.


He later switched to the team of Loris Kessel, an ex-Formula One driver. Markus Lehner is efficiency personified: after only ten races in 2003 he led the championship, and at the end of the season, after only 2 years of racing, he won the title as the Ferrari Challenge Champion.


Lehner believes the reason behind his fast track to success was experience from his business, making him determined, competitive and a team player.